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Our tech-infused clothing allows you to access music & skateboarding content (our two passions) directly from your clothing. Simply tap your mobile phone against the tech-patch on your garment and enjoy the experience.



Data gets trasmitted between a hidden washer and dryer-proof computer chip and your mobile device, rendering a unique content experience.

1. Browse our shop for something dope. Each clothing item features a 1.5 inch (38 mm) weightless patch with a washer and dryer-proof computer chip hidden inside of it.

2. Once received, hold your mobile device against the item's clothing-patch for 1-2 seconds. The hidden tech will prompt your mobile phone to open our media channels centered around music, skateboarding, and other specialty content (browse them here).

Want to know if your Android or iOS device is compatible? <Click Here> to find out. Btw, we're perfect for artists, influencers, and businesses looking to do way more with their merch than they ever thought possible. Email us to find out how we can upgrade your current merch collection to something no other partner can offer


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